Selected Articles and Reviews

» A Libertarian’s Lament: Why Ron Paul Is an Embarrassment to the Creed, The New Republic (online), September 2, 2011

» Herman Cain in Iowa: Politics with a Side of Fast-Food Know-How, The Atlantic (online), June 24, 2011

» The Social Animal by David Brooks: A Review, Forbes (online), March 10, 2011

» Everyone Wins: New Immigrants Don’t Take ‘Native’ Jobs, The Daily, February 3, 2011

» Economic Inequality and the Mirage of InjusticeCato Unbound, October 12, 2009

» Go North, Young Man!The Atlantic, September 11, 2009

» Why Opting Out Is No Third Way: The Perplexing Banality of Libertarian Paternalism, Reason, October 2008

» Bottoms Up!, Forbes, September 27, 2008

» The New (Improved) Gilded Age, The Economist, December 19, 2007

» The Great Depression, Reason, December 2007 (Reprinted in The Australia Financial Review, January 25, 2008; Policy, Winter 2008)

» Review of Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole by Benjamin Barber, [pdf] Cato Journal, Volume 27 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2007

» Capitalism and Human Nature, Cato Policy Report, vol. XXVII no. 1, January/February 2005 [pdf version]

» The Fun-Loving Founding Father: Gouverneur Morris, the First Modern American, Reason, July 2004

» Ideology is Infrastructure, TCS Daily, January 26, 2004

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