Where's Team America when you need them?

I happen to be watching The Insider, which is, apparently, an organ of the John Kerry for President campaign. It’s one long blowjob. We’ve got Brad Pitt’s “passionate stump speech” at the University of Missouri; fawning Edwards interview in Iowa; heroic clips from Going Upriver; Christopher Reeves hot wife; inside a Kerry campaign bus with Chris Heinz. Words from Bush supporters? Yup. Laura Bush saying that John Edwards is “pretty cute!” Check out the Edwards family photo album on the homepage. Sinclair ain’t got nothin’ on this!

A.O. Scott's Blinding Brilliance

From the NYT review of “Team America,” speaking of Stone and Parker:

It seems likely, though, that their emphases and omissions reflect a particular point of view.

Do you really think? I had been laboring under the impression that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, like all artists of genius, choose to put things in and leave things out of their non-infinite works soley on the basis of totally abstract and impartial standards of aesthetic excellence. If it’s likely that their art reflects (well, come on, let’s just say it: “is tainted by”) a “particular point of view,” isn’t it likely that other creative works might also reflect a point of view? Am I to understand that the makers of The Day After Tomorrow had the crotchety Vice-President resemble Dick Cheney for, god forbid, political reasons? Christ, A.O.. Where were you when I was taking Introduction to Literature, when I needed you?

A.O. Scott, critical supergenius:


There is also this:

“South Park,” with its class-clown libertarianism and proudly juvenile disdain for authority, has always been hard to place ideologically, but a number of commentators have discerned a pronounced conservative streak amid the anarchy, a hypothesis that “Team America” to some extent confirms.

Yes, libertarianism, even of the class-clown variety, is hard to place ideologically! It would be too easy to place it as libertarian. Hmmm… A.O. Scott, some day we will fathom your depths.

John Stewart: Dead to Me

You know what? I’m just gonna say it: I’m bored bored bored of John Stewart. The Crossfire thing was the final straw, the shark jumping. He’s permanently tainted, and from here on out we can only look forward to the long slide into “Remember when that guy was funny.” Sanctimony is death to satire. The last thing I need is the fake news guy thinking he’s King Shit protector of the public interest. Yes, Tucker Carlson is a dick. But we all have eyes. Damn, John. You used to be cool.