You might notice I’ve been making some long-needed changes. I’m not done customizing the template, which will probably include adding some color, and so I don’t think it will look so NYTimesy — unless you like that. So please tell me what you think. I’m open to recommendations. Sadly, I don’t think I have permission to use the nice picture of me that’s in the sidebar, but the guy who took it for Forbes lives just up the street and says he’ll give me an Kerry a good deal, and so whatever much more hideous thing I put up in the meantime shouldn’t have to last long. You’ll notice there are now tabs with links to my Marketplace commentaries and Bloggingheads appearances, as well as a Media tab that will have links to other stuff, like podcasts and public events for which there’s audio and or video. O’ vanity!

Happiness Blog Revamped; Actual New Content

Just a note to Fly Bottle readers who do not also read my Happiness and Public Policy blog… In an attempt to promote my coming-in-April Cato happiness paper, I’m revamping the happiness blog, and have resolved to post there at least once a day from now through a month after the release of the paper (in hopes of following up on any Internet discussion it may provoke [some, I hope!]). I don’t want to duplicate all my happiness posts here, or note them every time I write one, so I’ve installed a little sidebar widget that shows new entries on the happiness blog, as you can see to your right.

I have also resolved to post more here as well, on generally non-happiness stuff, though probably not once a day. So let’s see how that goes.

Money for Blogging and Kicks for Fee

For an ideological capitalist, I’m not extremely enterprising. But that’s about to change, my friends! A little. I’m going to try to hawk a few more books directly in blog posts. I may put in Google ads or Blogads somewhere in the sidebar. I will almost never insert an ugly ad like the one below (which is included as a joke, unless I make money off it!). If this commercial activity is distracting and annoying to you, just let me know. It really is about you, dear reader! But I realize that I get enough traffic to pay for a few book, beers, or lunches here and there, and I guess I shouldn’t leave money laying on the sidewalk if I can help it, since its not like I’m just swimming in money. Yet!

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Comments Without Registration

Because MT 2.3 has considerably better spam controls, I thought I’d experiment in removing the registration barrier for comments.

The new version has a "folder" for comment and trackback spam, and I’m absolutely amazed by the quantity of it. I appear to be getting about one spam comment a minute, but so far, the levee is holding. So we’ll see how it goes.