Hi there. I’m Will Wilkinson. I’m Vice President for Policy at the Niskanen Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C. I live in Iowa City, where this past academic year I was Adjunct Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. Before I started at Niskanen last year, I was U.S. politics correspondent for The Economist. I completed an MFA in creative writing at the University of Houston in 2015. I studied fiction writing there, and I’m about halfway done with a novel, a story of unrequited love among bloggers and think tanks wonks in mid-oughts D.C.
My work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Economist, The Daily, The Boston Review, Reason, Forbes, The Daily Beast, Bloomberg, Slate, Prospect, and a variety of other publication online and off. I’ve been a columnist for The Week, a regular writer for The Economist‘s Free Exchange economics blog, a regular on Bloggingheads TV, and a regular commentator for American Public Media’s radio program Marketplace. I also dabble in illustration.
I lived in around Washington, D.C. from 1998 to 2008. I was a research fellow at the Cato Institute for five years, and before that did stints at the Mercatus Center and the Institute for Humane Studies.
I live in Iowa City, Iowa with my wife, Kerry Howley, our son Fox, and our Vizsla, Winston. Kerry is on the faculty of the University of Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program. We like it here.