Assorted Links

1. Chris Hedges on Moby Dick – Good, but not good enough.
2. Is Nabokov’s poetry bad? – I’m undecided.
3. Jack Kirby vs. Alex Toth – IMO: Toth’s formally, technically far superior; Kirby’s daemonic Romantic genius unsurpassed.
4. Profile of Renata Adler –  Need to finish Speedboat.
5. Richard Ford on driving around with his parents looking at houses – I truly love RF, but why?
6. James Salter isn’t sexist – Wouldn’t that be an incredible thing for a man his age?

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

2 thoughts

  1. Brian Leiter is a sad little man with serious psychological problems. This doesn’t make his arguments bad (all the time), but it certainly makes him a petty, sniveling whiner—and an asshole. He allows his resentment of anyone with a different opinion than him to force him to act like a total baby (who is the Nietzschean here? Aren’t we supposed to be Yes-sayers!?). No one…no one has ever read anything he’s ever written other than his bullshit blog which is the only reason he is of the mistaken opinion that he is a ‘serious’ scholar. His interpretation of Nietzsche is third rate—at best. And unimaginative. It is motivated by the kind of stupidity that only a pernicious ideologue who was neglected as a child can muster. Don’t take it too hard that he’s attacked you for trying to do something interesting and important. He is the worst kind of philistine–that is, one who does not know that he is tasteless, uninteresting and–overall–a schmuck.

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