Ron Paul’s Delegate System Hacking

Doug Mataconis says it’s not helping his cause:

[I]t’s unclear what Paul’s supporters think they are going to accomplish here. Regardless of how many “wins” they rack up they are not going to be able to stop Mitt Romney from winning the nomination on the first ballot, although I keep running into Paul supporters online who seem to actually believe that Ron Paul can somehow come out of Tampa with the nomination. That delusion aside, though, it’s hard to see what they think they’re accomplishing. By and large, it appears pretty clear that they are antagonizing mainline Republicans every time they pull this stunt. That’s hardly the kind of thing that will win friends and influence people, nor is it the kind of thing you should do if you want to become a voice of influence in the Republican Party as Paul supporters claim that they do.

via Ron Paul’s Delegate “Wins” Won’t Amount To Anything.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. My vague understanding is that although they are unlikely to affect the nomination (and in some cases are bound not to do so) they will be free and able to wreak havoc with platform votes — probably a more fruitful venue for Paulitics in any case.

  2. The presumption here that Paul supporters want to have a friendly ” voice of influence is the republican party” is absolutely laughable. Most of my immediate peers who support the same candidate have nothing but contemt for the republican party, and care nothing whatsoever about it’s old addage ideology, and 1950’s laden american exceptionalism… these are the neo-con marching cadences, and the Ron Paul constituency cares nothing for them. If Ron Paul was running as an independent or a democrat, we’d support him for his messages not the color of his tie.

  3. p.s.
    California and Texas have yet to hold their primaries, and these states have the largest amount of delegates to award and Paul is polling in the top in both states. Not mention Romney’s appearing at empty stadiums while Paul fills up university auditoriums on a nightly basis. The Republican establishment, if they truly want to defeat Obama, have to face the reality that they need Ron Paul supporters’ votes to make that happen. The problem is dip-sticks like the guy who wrote this crap seems to think this about winning an election for us- it isn’t. We sleep better at night because we support a candidate that has had a consistency in his platforms for over thirty years and genuinely represents all of the ideas that once made U.S. an actual beacon for the world. We sleep better because we know that Dr. Paul is right, has been right, and will be proven right once again. Oh yea, and fuck Doug Matconis for being an idiot and writing this.

  4. Well, it is VERY significant if there are libertarians as chairs in a majority of the state Republican Party. You don’t win the nomination, but the people in the party 4-8 years from now are going to be very different than the people in the party 4 years ago, and that’s a good thing for libertarians.

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