Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. And just when I was planning on using your excellent criticism of Chait’s criticism of Rand in an argument…

    1. Oh, nothing big. Had spam links injected into a bunch of blog posts, which in turn has made me largely disappear from google. Better now, missing posts aside.

  2. Is your old database free of the injected links? If so, merge what you want from that database with the one you are currently using on this one.

    You can do it a variety of ways- phpmyadmin might be quicker, but if you don’t have experience with it, it will probably be easier and safer to just install another copy of wordpress, upload your old database once you install then just use the built-in functions to export posts/comments/etc. and then import those into this installation. Then you can just delete the other installation.

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