Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. Adoption? Obviously you were exposed to all sides of the “children” debate on this site. If and when it happens, welcome to the club!As to your new citizenship, to quote the McKenzie Brothers: “Take off you hoser!”

  2. Congrats, Will.Have you read Joseph Heath's The Efficient Society? As a newly minted Canadian and a Rawlsekian, you should.

  3. Maybe now you can explain to us that “living tree” theory of law the Canucks like to talk about and some gringos envy. I saw a living tree come out of someone's lung on the news, but I don't think that's it.

  4. The French is a nice touch. Now that you're officially Canadian, can you explain why ham becomes Canadian bacon when it's sliced and used as a pizza topping? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Citizen. Screw that! You are now a subject of the Her Majesty the Queen.And we have much better beer than Moosehead, btw.

  6. Sorry, you just mentioned Miss Klein, sending me into my predictable apoplectic seizure of fury.It just occurred to me that most young'uns only know Milton Friedman – who he is, what he's done, what he said – from The Shock Doctrine. Indeed, many older folks only know him from that book as well, cause you know, it was a NYT bestseller, and she was on Colbert. That's sad.

  7. If the current recession doesn't prove the permanent income hypothesis and the psychology of recessions, I don't know what does. People with steady incomes and good jobs aren't spending b/c of “this economy.” It's tragically sad. The wife and I are doing our part, though!

  8. Such is the strange nature of legal facts. As far as the government concerned, I drew my first breath into Canadian lungs.

  9. I haven't, but as it happens I recently did a Bloggingheads with Heath about his new book, which should air soon.

  10. I've never lived or worked in my homeland, which does not tax the incomes of citizens abroad (hence the move to try to kneecap the growth of citizens in Hong Kong, Lebanon, and U.S. with new first generation born abroad limit, etc.). And I own no property here. So I'm in the clear. Jason Kenny even told me so.

  11. Hi, this happened to me too … I've only been a US citizen … will this affect our social security or taxes?

  12. Are you not now technically a subject (in its objective sense) of the Queen of Canada a frightfully interesting elderly Anglo-German old school fully functional anachronism: aka Elizabeth II by the Grace of God etc etc?I'm all for recolonising the America's one intellectual at a time…. we need all the help we can get over here so congratulations, and thanks for the splendid blogging, from this, republican, Brit.

  13. I know I'm overextrapolating here, but your new Canadian citizenship has reduced your blogging drastically. You need to return to the workaholic States and get back to work so that I have something to read tomorrow while [i]I'm[/i] at work.

  14. I know I'm overextrapolating here, but your new Canadian citizenship has reduced your blogging drastically. You need to return to the workaholic States and get back to work so that I have something to read tomorrow

  15. Stephen Harper still the PM over there? That guys crazy.

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