Magic Buttons: The Breakdown

Here's the Magic Button results by ideological self-identification. If you picked “other,” you're lumped in with a bunch of people you probably hate. Cat-owners, Hansonians, Fascists, Extropians, Liberaltarians, Socialtarians, Conservative-libertarians, Anarchists, Classical Liberals etc. are all in this trashbin of nonconformism. Some of these labels got several write-ins, but I didn't think any had enough to make it worthwhile to display the results separately. Sorry Cato-owner! A number of topics of discussion suggest themselves, but y'all can work it out. All the caveats from the prior post about the non-scientific nature of this apply.

Thanks again to Fiery Scribe, whose more detailed charts I simplified. If something is now screwed up, it's certainly my fault.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center