The Wit and Wisdom of Nick Gillespie

In an interview at Splice Today, Nick Gillespie's lays out the objectively correct response to Joseph Lowery's crowd-pleasing inaugural benediction doggerel:

What the hell was that? An unpublished Nipsey Russell rhyme from a lost episode of The $100,000 Pyramid? Yellow will be mellow? When the Jew can drink Mountain Dew? The wop can be a cop? The kraut can give a shout?
I realize Lowery is an old man and I cut him some slack for all the crap that he and too many others like him had to deal with for far too long. But I think we've hit that day where black is not asked to go back. And Asians, those poor, sad-sack model minorities, don't have to be any more mellow than the fans at a Ted Nugent concert. That's good news.

And Nick's rhetorical delicacy enables him to put into subtle perspective the proper place of politics in human life:

[W]e believe that politics—a rotten, zero-sum game in which the winners rub the losers' face in dog shit like a schoolyard bully—should not be the primary focus of human activity. It should be squeezed into the smallest box possible so that individuals and the communities they form can get on with far more interesting and exciting and liberatory stuff. 

So knit a sweater without a picture of the president on it, fools.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center