Howley on Immigration: One Night Only!

Heads up Iowa City folk. As part of Human Rights week at the University, Kerry Howley will be giving a talk sponsored by the U of Iowa Advocates of Liberty. Details:

“Migration and Human Rights: How Global Apartheid Keeps the Developing World Poor”
Monday, January 26th at 7 pm

1505 Seamans Center, University of Iowa

I'll be there!

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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    Now tell me, if I have discovered a means of ending the war, will you all second me?
    Yes verily, by all the goddesses, I swear I will, though I have to put my gown in pawn, and drink the money the same day.
    And so will I, though I must be split in two like a flat-fish, and have half myself removed.
    And I too; why to secure peace, I would climb to the top of Mount Taygetus.
    Then I will out with it at last, my mighty secret! Oh! sister women, if we would compel our husbands to make peace, we must refrain…
    Refrain from what? tell us, tell us!
    But will you do it?
    We will, we will, though we should die of it.
    We must refrain from the male altogether….

  2. Nothing like a sex thread to bring out the creep factor in the comment thread. (Though kudos to rea for bringing the Aristophanes.) For the record, I think you are reading WAY too much into that ad campaign.

  3. You’re right about dirty, dirty transgressive sex. At college I was labeled an enemy of the SDS and was a charter member of the pro life group there. My girlfriend was a vegan feminist who founded and chaired the pro choice group.
    The sex was wonderful. I felt very vindicated knowing radical feminists, deep down, really wanted to be pinned down and on occasion tied to the bed by the man.

  4. This analysis is a bit odd to me. Mr. Wilkinson sees identity politics as the driving movtivation for this campaign. I agree that there’s a flavor of identity politics to the whole thing, but it seems to me that this campaign is better understood as a boycott, and is being put forward for the same reasons that boycotts usually are.

  5. I try to write a post showing how stupid and narrow partisan politics makes people, and people show up to demonstrate that that’s even stupider and narrower than I had imagined. Thank you all.

  6. Ha! That girl is from the show Scream Queens on VH1. She struck me as pretty Orange County Republican. Her beef with the black girl on the show was classic.
    She ain’t no Democrat.

  7. I doubt many women will actually follow through with this; most male Democrats can’t compete with Republicans in the masculinity department. It’s the individual that matters, but I save time by generalizing based on a woman’s political affiliation. Democrat girls tend to be pump and dump material, but all of my serious girlfriends have been Republicans. Republicans tend to better looking and make better partners. I am a libertarian.

  8. Sam Thompson – Sam Thompson is a researcher in the Centre for Well-being at nef (the new economics foundation). He also plays the bagpipes.
    Sam says:

    Some things in life are just asymmetrical. As PJ O’Rourke supposedly remarked, “No one has ever dreamed of being tied to a bed and ravished by a liberal.”

    1. Another case in point of how little PJ knows. Sean Connery has long supported the left-of-center Scottish National Party. Sean. (fans herself) Connery. Yes and yes and more than ever yes.

    2. Heh heh! Yes, remember ten or fifteen years ago some flaky hippy college came out with a code of conduct that required a verbal request and consent for EVERY new thing you wanted to do. “may I touch your breast? May I touch your vulva? May I put my penis in your vagina?” etc. After six months of that I think even the hairiest-legged womyns studies major would be dreaming of being bent over the nearest armchair and taken with her arms pinned behind her.

  9. As PJ O’Rourke supposedly remarked, “No one has ever dreamed of being tied to a bed and ravished by a liberal.”
    Not supposedly; it was in one of his books, which I have on my shelf. He was discussing the fantasy that many women have of being raped by a Nazi.
    And I win the Godwin Award.

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