We're Gonna Need a Montage

I’m ready to head to Siberia to chop wood and pull sleds full of stones in preparation for next weekend’s big Economist debate on corporate social responsibility (Proposed: The Business of business is business.) No doubt my debate partner, Clive Crook, would be able handle both foes solo while one hemisphere of his brain naps, but I should probably prepare anyway… in Soviet Russia! But I need your help. Please, in the blessed name of Apollo Creed and American grit (and, um, hyperfluent English pugnacity), leave links to the best pieces ever on corporate social responsibility in the comments.


I mean, I really believe in the power of grit, but if John Ruggie and Bennett Freeman have that kind of science at their disposal, I’m frankly terrified.

[UPDATE: Link to debate info fixed.]

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center