Double Evil!

From the always lovable Lew Rockwell:

Is everything evil along the DC subway’s Orange Line? Well, no, but they all work for the regime, or are the regime, as Former Beltway Wonk points out. Here’s his list: American Prospect; Andrew Sullivan; BATF, CATO, Homeland Security, Federal Reserve; FDA; IRS; IMF; Marginal Revolution; Matthew Yglesias; Megan McCardle; New Republic; OSHA; Pentagon (very close); Reason Magazine; State Department; Treasury Department; Volokh Conspiracy; White House; Will Wilkinson.

I am very flattered to be considered evil independent of the evil that is Cato, but, as I keep insisting, I live on the Green Line.

Anyway, the narcissism of small differences.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center