Norms of Reason and the Prospects for Technologies and Policies of Debiasing

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I have so far found most discussions and debates about the correction of
cognitive “biases” very confusing, including most of the posts on this blog.
Why? Because I find the very idea of a cognitive bias confusing any time I
really start to think about it. A bias is a bias only relative to some standard.
The cognitive shortcuts and blind spots identified in the heuristics and biases
literature may look like “failure” when laid against some idealized conception
of rationality, but why should we care about such conceptions of rationality
anyway? A hip hop dancer is making constant “mistakes” from the perspective of
the formal norms of ballet, but why on Earth would you judge hip hop from the
perspective of ballet?  You wouldn’t. I’m making a “mistake,” in some
sense, by failing to have abs
like a Spartan in 300
But so what?
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Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center