One Reply to “A Vow”

  1. Late to the party, but I have a proverbial “stupid question” that has been bugging me for a few weeks: Don’t the policies and sweeping changes we’ve seen over the last month, not to mention the processes for their enactment, throw a big ol’ wrench in Naomi Klein’s “disaster capitalism” theory? I mean, her point – that capitalism uses catastrophe, natural or man-made, to tighten its stranglehold on a system – seems to be washed out by the sweeping shift in the opposite direction brought about by, surprise, economic disaster. That is to say, disaster opportunism isn’t exclusive to free market capitalism. We just enacted a trillion dollars of rich, spendy goodness, with less than a week of debate. Even if Friedman were guilty of all that Klein contends, he’d never be so bold to think that his policy choices would have such a swift wind at their backs.
    That’s all. I said it, and I’m glad. Moving on. . . . .

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