Delayed Self-Promotion

I'm failing to shill for myself!
My review of Benjamin Friedman's The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth [pdf] is in the latest Cato Journal. Regular readers will notice that a lot of my criticisms of the book discussed on this here blog didn't make it into the review. Had to keep it short. And there is a sentence toward the middle that no longer makes much sense to me. It's amazing how that can happen.
I also have a Cato podcast about “libertarian paternalism” [mp3] online. All the points I make are, I'm sure, points I've made here before. But if you want to hear me trying hard not to hem and haw, check it out. We had to cut out the discussion of hyperbolic discounting due to time constraints, which is just as well.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center