Egalitarianism, the Entry

I had forgotten, until just now, that I wrote the original Wikipedia entry for “egalitarianism” way back in 2001. How's that for Internet philosophy geek cred?! It's pretty interesting to see that though there have been about 500 edits, the conceptual framing of my original mostly remains, along with a good bit of the original boring prose. Yay path dependency!
My first try could have been more rousing. But I give myself credit for not simply writing “First!”

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

One thought

  1. (1) VALID HAPPINESS (including love, sense of beauty, symbiosis (good conscience, upholding justice, moral couraging, helping others, teaching…) bravery, etc.) must be the feeling of things being a step better for our propagation.
    (2) WELL-BEING is the ongoing feeling of things going well step by step for our propagation.
    (3) VALID SUFFERING must be the feeling of things being harmful to our propagation and calling us to prevent or rectify it.
    (4) SOUL (including: personality, inspiration, etc.) is the computation results of both our instinct and pre-instinct data-programs in our brain.
    (5) LIFE GOAL is to propagate.
    All these are our instincts (ancestors’ successful experiences saved on DNA).

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