Money for Blogging and Kicks for Fee

For an ideological capitalist, I'm not extremely enterprising. But that's about to change, my friends! A little. I'm going to try to hawk a few more books directly in blog posts. I may put in Google ads or Blogads somewhere in the sidebar. I will almost never insert an ugly ad like the one below (which is included as a joke, unless I make money off it!). If this commercial activity is distracting and annoying to you, just let me know. It really is about you, dear reader! But I realize that I get enough traffic to pay for a few book, beers, or lunches here and there, and I guess I shouldn't leave money laying on the sidewalk if I can help it, since its not like I'm just swimming in money. Yet!

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center