Hey Will! What's Going on at Cato Unbound?

Glad you asked! If you have yet to check out the February issue of Cato Unbound, which asks, “Is 'Old Europe' Doomed?” then now's a great time to catch up. All the formal replies to Theodore Dalyrmple's lead essay are in, and the informal conversation has just begun with a response by Dalrymple. (Choice line: “Multiculturalism is not couscous: it is the stoning of adulterers . . .”)
Before the free-for-all conversation heats up, take a look at Timothy B. Smith's careful elucidation of the economic problems of the traditional Western European powers, and the distinction between these and the healthier Scandanavian welfare states. Georgetown's Charles Kupchan vigorously dissents from Dalrymple's dour economic diagnosis, but argues that the problem of integrating immigrants may be even more serious than Dalrymple made it out. Last, but far from least, Pulitzer Prize-winner Anne Applebaum writes a prescription for what ails Old Europe.
And keep an eye out for details about next month's issue featuring David Schmidtz, Peter Singer, Jacob Hacker, and more on equality.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center