Cato Unbound . . . Unbound!

Where have I been? Working on rolling out the Cato Institute’s new online monthly, Cato Unbound.

Our inaugural issue, “The Living Constitution: Amendments for the 21st Century,” kicks off with a brand new essay by founding father of public choice James M. Buchanan. We asked, “If you could add any three amendments to the Constitution, what would they be?” and Buchanan gave us his answer. Over the next couple weeks, Yale Law’s Akhil Reed Amar, the 9th Circuit’s Alex Kozinski, and Cato’s own Bill Niskanen will reply to Buchanan, and, just perhaps, give us some amendment ideas of their own.

Buchanan’s a huge intellectual hero of mine, and I lust after the Liberty Fund Collected Works of James M. Buchanan, so it’s a real thrill for me to see to the publication of a new essay by the great man.

As you’ll see as you read about Cato Unbound, we’re hoping that bloggers will pick up our topics and run with them, arguing with our contributors, and with each other. So what do I think of Buchanan’s essay? It’s probably not fair, since I’ve already read the forthcoming replies by Amar, Kozinski, and Niskanen (it really is an impressive line-up), but let me just say that I’d go to the mat for a constitutional right to non-interference in exchange.

If you have any suggestions (or spot any typos), please please drop me a line. And since we’d like to get noticed, please don’t hesitate to throw us a link, ideally in a post explaining why Buchanan is brilliant (or out of his gourd), or offering your own pet amendments. Jump in! We’ve got some great issues in the works, so I really don’t think you’ll regret putting us on your blogroll, and subscribing to our feed. But I won’t beg. I won’t. But, really! If you like the Fly Bottle, you’ll love Cato Unbound!!

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center