This Mismeaure Of Malaise

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has published an op-ed by moi about the way the overdiagnosis of depression leads to underestimation of how happy we are, and to books on the "paradox" of misery amid bounty. Check it out.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. How about the findings of Robert Putnam regarding social capital and trust? Does this affect the benefits that may be gained by allowing more immigration (i.e. more immigration/diversity results in less social capital and trust in commuities)? Is there some level of immigration that would be detrimental to the communities they are migrating into, resulting in a lower standard of living for the current members of the community, in effect killing the golden goose that prompted the immigration in the first place?

  2. This is all a line of PURE BS.
    If the idiot in Harvard figures what he has, then WHY HASN’T HE donated his ENTIRE salary to the effort which he so ~loftily~ says the rest of us should engage?
    He hasn’t and neither should we.
    POINT: Precisely ~WHAT~ is ‘poverty?’
    That question needs to be answered before =ANY= money is spent, anywhere.
    If I possess just one penny, yet everyone else around me possesses NOT A THING, then I am wealthy.
    Should I toss my penny to the rest? And for what reason, and with for what good cause should I?

    1. Amen to Highlander….not only should I not give my penny away, but why do I have to pay for those who live in la la land and feel that the earth has unlimited resources, and further, curbs on population growth are not important when resources are dwindling?
      WHERE DOES THIS NOTION OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY COME INTO THE PICTURE WHEN IT COMES TO BIRTH CONTROL….or am I too just go along with the idea that anyone and everyone can have as many kids as they want whether they can afford them or not. I THINK NOT.
      As long as all the village idiots believe that we must accept chronic world population growth, i.e. Roman catholic church, then the future is really bleak. I for one, feel that we have achieved a new point in history, where quality is far more important that quantity.
      Speaking as a woman, I find the answer simple…it is women who carry only around 400 eggs in their bodies, whereas men have zillions of sperm, thereby making those zillions rather redundant. As well, we know that when quantity prevails, then quality suffers, so take a clue from women’s bodies you profs, monks and other nonthinking neanderthals. Further, any thinking individual knows in their deepest heart of hearts, giving birth to oneself is far more important than filling the earth with creatures never having the ability to improve their lot in life.

    2. If I possess just one penny, yet everyone else around me possesses NOT A THING, then I am wealthy.
      Actually, in this situation the family with the fat kids is the wealthiest.
      Just sayin’. Pennies are hard t’ chew. But fat kids is good eatin’!

  3. So. . . the job market sucks, unemployment is way up, and people want more immigrants to take what jobs there are. . . wow, a more idiotic idea I haven’t heard since. . . the War on Drugs. . .
    At least until we get our stuff together, we need to lock down the borders, not open them up. . . it’s almost impossible to count jellybeans when someone is dumping another truckload on top of the those you are counting – and you can’t fix the unemployment problem by dumping truckloads of new people into the job market to compete for jobs that don’t exist. Do you people ever actually spend a few minutes to actually *think*?

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