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I'm looking for the correpsondence between James Madison and Jeremy Bentham. Bentham wrote to Madison on Oct. 30, 1811, offering generously to codify the laws of the US and extricate us from the unwieldy organic thicket of the common law. Madison replied, declining, I take it, on May 8, 1816. I've tracked down Bentham's reply to Madison. And a note from John Quincy Adams to Madison about Bentham. And some back and forth between Bentham & JQA. But I can't find the first letter to Madison and the reply online. Can anyone out there do better? I think Bentham's complete correspondence is accessible through Past Masters, but I don't have institutional access.
[UPDATE: I've determined that the letters I'm looking for are in: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham: Volume 8: January 1809 to December 1816. The maddening thing is that I have access to 7 and 9 through Questia, but not 8! Argh. I suppose there are always actual libraries… Here's the National Archives scan of the orignal Bentham letter to Madison, but pretty hard to read.]

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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