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The Dan Savage is more to my taste than the Andrew Sullivan This is great:

And make no mistake, hetero readers: Santorum doesn’t just seek to stamp out the kind of relationship I enjoy with my longtime personal secretary. The Santorum wing of the GOP is targeting your privacy, your rights, and your pleasures, too. From porn (just as popular in red states as it is in blue) to divorce (more popular in red states than in blue) to masturbation (equally popular in red and blue states), the Santorums and Scalias and Bauers and Dobsons want to tell you how to live, who to love, and how exactly you should love ‘em. When Santorum made his famous “man on dog” comments he wasn’t just defending anti-gay sodomy laws, but anti-straight sodomy laws too. Santorum doesn’t just believe that the state should have the right to regulate gay sex out of existence, but two out of three most popular straight sex acts too. . .

Personal freedom is like free speech: Some people are going to exercise their personal freedom and/or freedom of speech in ways that make you uncomfortable. So long as they’re not imposing themselves on you, they should be left alone. And, I’m sorry, Rick, but the haunting fear—or certain knowledge—that someone, somewhere, is enjoying himself in ways that you think are sinful does not qualify as an imposition.

This isn't so hard to grasp, now is it?
Anyway, the social conservative dominance of the Republican party is about to move me, like Radley, to join the ACLU. Indeed, looking around from my lonely libertarian perch, I find that DLC Democrats are closer to my politics overall (not very close) than the mainstream alternatives. Perhaps I'll register Democrat, and start defending the DLC against the sophisticated attacks of “progressives.”

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center