Spelling bees are awesome. (Watching now on ESPN.) I’m pulling for the spastic kid with the mustache from North Carolina. Or the chill blond girl from Jersey who jams her hands in her pockets.

The kids who “spell” the word with their fingers on the back of their name placards are a nice example that cognition isn’t just something that happens inside the head. Just a thought.

We will someday be ruled by the Asians. Another thought.

This kid is so gonna flub ‘pepysian’. Yup. Ding! I got it right! But I’m 32. The Indian kid (or one of them) nails ‘zouave’. Never in a million years. The girl from New Hamspshire is queen of etymology. Oh, here’s the chill Jersey pocket girl. Ohh, she doesn’t know. Me neither. Tension! Ding! ‘laetrile’. Who knew? The Carolina mustache spazz. Nails ‘schnecke’ with his ridiculous accent. OK, enough spelling bee liveblogging. I’m embarrassing myself with my enthusiasm. Of wait? The 11 year old. Samir Patel. He’s very excited! So short! ‘cholecyst’ Score!


Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center