HSA Can You See?

Tim Lee has a good post on HSAs in response to this bit of Ygelasiasism. (By the way, if Matt's claim that HSA's will hasten the arrival of socialized medicine in America is not a fine, fine specimen of the pundit's fallacy, then hope has never triumphed over intelligence.)

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

6 thoughts

  1. These moveable goalposts are about as valid as measuring the success of an economic program by “jobs saved.” Well, we know one area where new jobs will be created–the creation of a bureaucracy to administer this Rube Goldberg system. Competitors like China and India that create real goods and services must be falling on the floor laughing out loud at the myriad ways we are handicapping our industries.

  2. Look Wilkinson, you know that anything referred to as a “tax” is political suicide. So long as the harm from an action is attenuated from its cause (as in this case) the public will not support a direct solution such as a carbon tax. If you believe global climate change is truly a problem that needs to be addressed then sooner or later you have to pick something. Though it be not perfect, something has to be better than nothing. Later on we can work to make it rigorous enough to effectuate its intended purpose.

  3. I disagree that anything called a tax is political suicide. I think an electorate who understands a revenue-neutral carbon tax–a tax rebated to them in the form of a rebate or with a tax-shift approach–already supported by the majority of leading scientists, economists and opinion leaders can be a political winner, especially when compared to the debacle that has become the cap and trade debate.

    1. Conservative “intellectuals” should read a few introductory textbooks and stop spreading their ignorant anti-science, anti-economics propaganda to the masses. Conservatives can be unbelievably stupid when it comes to climate change (“It snows outside! Global warming is BS!”) or basic economics of taxation.

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