Capitalism and Human Nature

The new Cato Policy Report is out, and the lead article is something I've written on what evolutionary psychology can tell us about capitalism. Check it out.
[If you're a print & read sort of person, here's the .pdf of the official printed version.]

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

4 thoughts

  1. I admit to not even understanding the objections to same-sex marriage.
    I don’t want to marry “womankind,” I want to marry a *specific* woman.
    That, on the average, men are different than women is no more interesting than the fact that tall people, on the average, are different than short people. Is there some DEEP TRUTH about short vs. tall people that should make us insist on them marrying only other, within-height (or “opposite” height) persons?
    Really, these arguments are equally dumb. (Also, have you seen people of very different heights having sex? Talk about icky!)

  2. i wonder if he’s ever written about family court biases against fathers? because, you know, women really love the shit out of babies. it’s, like, natural and everything.
    is it premature or short-sighted to see essays like this as a capitulation to the inevitability of same-sex marriage?

  3. I keep my shirts separate from my pants, and I separate those from my socks. That doesn’t mean I think shirts are superior to pants, or vice versa. I have no idea why recognizing differences would require that I view things in some sort of rank order.

  4. The penultimate problem is that various fools want their ‘thing’ sanctified by the state.
    They want approval of that whatever it is they they think they should have granted to them as something from on high.
    I don’t care if you want to marry a toaster. What is the point? Why do you (piece of organic shit that you are) need a writ of something or other from the state to verify your love?
    Tell the state to go fuck itself and mind it’s own business and you will have so much more respect from me. Until then, fuck you and fuck every thing you think I owe you.

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