Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. “I’d imagine that diets tend to make people unhappy while exercise makes people happy.”
    Thehova said it right. Take the fast food away from the fat people and they are sad. Put them on a restrictive diet and they are depressed. What is really depressing is to go to any beach and “whale watch”. What is amazing is that if you observe any of the fat folks at the mall or the beach, they are constantly stuffing their faces.
    Some modicum of excercise will allow us to eat ’til we’re full and have an occasional desert. Moderation is not an American trait and I guess as other countries “westernize”, they go overboard on the chow too.

  2. Yeah, absolutely yes… Kids love fastfood restaurants, and fastfood restaurants love kids because they earning a lot ofmoney because of kids..

  3. Yes that is correct fast food makes kids fat but lot of people will love only fast foods.
    For healthy life have enough breakfast and take medium lunch and have light dinner then you will not become too fat.

  4. You are what you eat. Not only kids who love fast food, adults love it too. If you can not leave fast food, because you’re happy with that, just don’t get it too much. Exercise will make the balance.

  5. Fast food definitely makes fat but fast food is really tasty thing i love to eat fast food. Not only fast food even non-vegetarian also makes very fat, we need to eat vegetables for healthy body.

  6. Childhood obesity is a major public health issue worldwide. It is well accepted that unhealthy eating patterns are partly responsible for the increase in childhood obesity. However, very little is known about the relationship between fast food and soft drink consumption and children’s happiness.

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