Merry Christmas! And Festivus, for the Rest of Us!

I'm jetting off to Kansas City this afternoon. My beloved grandmother has no use for high-speed internet, and it's Christmas, so I probably won't be saying much.
I am going to try to get my family to take part in the sacred Festivus traditions of airing grievances and tests of strength.
Eat, drink, be merry.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. unbelievably thoughtful and nondefensive comment, which is what you often hear from people with children who don’t like these types of studies. I will definitely take your introspective words into account as I decide whether or not to have children.

  2. marriage, age, and religion, really matters in a family. In a couple having a child is their happiness, some couples deciding to adopt a child because of some problems..

  3. Sometimes I think I am the luckiest mom around. I divorced my children’s father a few years ago and have since remarried. My 6 and 9 year old spend every other weekend (Fri-Tues) with their dad and his girlfriend and we alternate holidays and split summers. My kids have 2 dads now that contribute resources (emotional and financial) to their upbringing plus my ex’s girlfriend helps out too. I also regularly call on my parents to take the kids for a weekend or week here and there which they all absolutely love. The bottom line: it takes a village to raise a family. Maybe our brains just haven’t evolved to raise kids in the nuclear family (isolated away from extended family) and so perhaps that is what makes it so hard and unpleasant? And it can get UNPLEASANT to say the least. How much can two people (the parents) take??? It is absolutely 110% better now that there are 4-6 other people who are actively involved in my kids upbringing and every day I thank my lucky stars for the arrangement I’ve got. My kids are very well adjusted, stable, and most of all know that they are loved by the people who care for them.

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