Hitler Was a Vegetarian, Pinochet Privatized Social Security, Satan Rides a Bicycle, and Other Irrelevancies

This little piece by Dan Restrepo should be headed straight for the “examples of egregious logical fallacies” files of introduction to critical reasoning instructors everywhere. His “argument” appears to be this. Pinochet was evil. People with some association with Pinochet created a system of personal retirement accounts in Chile. So, personal retirement accounts are evil. Or something like that. “Reasoning” on the order of “You’re a vegetarian? Did you know Hitler was a vegtarian?!”

If you found out Stalin excercised regularly (or breathed) would you stop?

Try your own Restrepoism. It’s fun and easy!

“While running on the treadmill at your gym, don’t lose sight of the blood-stained hands of your former Soviet gym teacher personal trainer, who was part of the very same physical education establishment that helped Stalin, murderer of tens of millions, to achieve better health! The sound of your feet pounding the treadmill is the sound of skulls being crushed!”

Hat tip to Ygelsias, who categorizes the piece correctly.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center