The Anthropology of Bars

The more obnoxiously “alpha” the better, apparently

“Males who successfully made ‘contact’ courtship initiation with females exhibited different body language in this pre-contact phase than did males who did not make contact with females,” write the Austrian-American research team in this month’s edition of the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

According to the researchers, the necessary traits included significantly more glancing behaviours, “space-maximisation movements”, touching of other men and less closed body movements.

I think this stuff is fascinating not simply for it's obvious uses, but because I think we can learn a lot about the kinds of signals we're sending in general. How should you carry yourself when you walk into a business meeting full of strangers? A room full of people waiting to hear you speak? How should you interact? It seems you can get pretty far just by taking up space in the right sort of way.
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Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center