OK. So I'm Drunk Now

Apparently I wan’t vigilant enough to prevent blog piracy. Mss Balsham and Stefanescu are curs. It looks like Bush won, which is sad. The lesson I draw is that if you are stupid, you can get ahead by being sufficiently resolute and confident. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON. I will never ever ever ever admit that I’ve made a mistake, and I will sneer, and I will be conifdent and RESOLUTE, because confidence and resoluteness makes you the President of everybody.

Oh! It’s Ana Marie on NBC! I’m drunk, like I said, so she’s hotter than usual, but she’s not drunk, so I feel really sorry for her. Joe Trippi is not hotter than usual. He is also not drunk. Guy fom Powerline is not cuter than usual, although I have never seen him looking usual. He is also not drunk. And he is probably a Republican. So he is happy. But I still feel pretty sorry for him.

There is sadness and sleeping here on 23rd or 24th St, or wherever I am. The TV is big. There is sad champagne, sad because it is not toasted with happiness. But I am happy to drink champagne, and Hardcore Hard Cider. Michael Badnarik did not win. So I am sad no matter what and not happy no matter what.

There is no good reason for the right to hold ranks behind Bush, so may the right-wing civil war commence NOW!

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center