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Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. I think the new comment system is horrible! Furthermore, here is another sentence!
    Oh wait I do have a substantive comment: it requires you to enter a valid URL? That shouldn’t be necessary.

      1. Well, I didn’t enter the URL for that one, and it worked fine.

      2. Aha– oldish version (v6.0) of Internet Explorer is the culprit.
        Not ideal necessarily, but not a huge deal maybe.

    1. Yeah, having comment box before the comments like that is confusing. I’ve changed that.

  2. I use it at and am pleased with Disqus. It’s particularly nice once you have an identity on it, since you can get an RSS feed of all responses to comments. It also feeds into Friendfeed, and allows Seesmic powered video comments. The problems with it are that it isn’t picked up by search engines yet (since it’s javascript code inserted), it doesn’t handle trackbacks yet, and you can’t be convert over comment threads on older posts yet. Happily they are working on all these problems…

  3. KipEsquire – Kip is a lawyer who doesn't practice, an investment banker who does no deals, an academic who doesn't teach, and a policy wonk who belongs to no think tank. He's 41 and lives in NYC.
    KipEsquire says:

    I think new comment systems violate Directive 10-289…
    (Video comments? That seems a bit excessive.)

  4. KipEsquire – Kip is a lawyer who doesn't practice, an investment banker who does no deals, an academic who doesn't teach, and a policy wonk who belongs to no think tank. He's 41 and lives in NYC.
    KipEsquire says:

    n. B.: Twice now a “Stack Overflow” window has randomly popped up on my screen. I think that’s you. Three times. Post-posting editing is nice!

  5. I’m reading Predictably Irrational right now and just read your review of it here. Your analysis is spot on! Great stuff, and exactly what I think about the book.

  6. I tried to make mine a reply to an earlier comment of Will’s, but I can’t see in what way it did that.

  7. W00t! w00t!
    It does seem a bit much, but keep it, maybe we’ll start enjoying it after a while.

  8. teageegeepea – If you're willing to do a little legwork you can probably find out who I really am, and then be disappointed when you find I'm nobody.
    TGGP says:

    I heartily object to the comment system! Not Will’s actually, but Kip’s.

    1. It would be more useful with sound, I’m afraid.

  9. The problem I have with Robert is that he bends science into some metaphysical bs just so he can tell us how he thinks the world ought to work and he ignores how the world actually is. I mean how does “The Evolution of God” not read as a crackpot book title. Just a new way to reassert a human centric view of reality — using an incredibly shallow interpretation of biology to justify.
    Ahh yes feels good to rant on a somewhat random blog, and i say “somewhat random” because lets face it — “GO HAWKS!”

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