The Sanctity of Democracy = Black People in Florida Able to Conveniently Vote for John Kerry

The left likes to wax elegaic about the “sanctity of democracy” and the “integrity of the democratic process,” especially when Republican schemes to supress the minority vote are afoot. Yet, in terms of the sanctity of democracy, the Democrat’s concerted assasination of the Nader campaign is no better than stationing a Klansman, an INS officer, and and a dozen Nazi alsatians at the door of each polling place.

But I’ve yet to encounter anyone on the mainstream left who is even a skoche guilty about this utter travesty of democracy. Fuckers. The notion that Nader votes belong to the Democrats is so obnoxiously offensive that I can only wish that Nader voters who, thanks to the Democrats, are unable to find Nader on their ballot, vote instead for Michael Badnarik, constitutional scholar, and champion of the people. Or, to put a fine “fuck you” on it, George W. Bush.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center