Spoil Me Rotten!

Luka points me to this LAT article on the possibility of Badnarik as spoiler. NPR Morning Edition also discusses this tantalizing possibility.
Now, to repeat, the fact that Badnarik, despite his nuttiness, is in any position whatsoever to screw Bush simply highlights how much the LP botched it this year.
In other news, Jeff Jarvis recommends that sane libertarian bloggers take over the LP. Good idea!
But don't forget to vote for Badnarik.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. Speaking of what people “get” for online activities:
    Do you know of anyone who’s done an economic analysis of the blogosphere, given that the currency seems to be something like “traffic” or “links”? The way you “pay someone” for something is by posting a link to their site, through which you provide their site traffic.
    (The “economic value” of a link is primarily proportional to the amount of traffic it gives rise to for the linked-to site, but other issues like page rank are involved to,. I suppose.)

  2. I think bloggers think blogging is more interesting than it really is. I frequently read bloggers discussing the politics and motivations of the blogosphere as though it were fascinating. Its a bias common to all media though. I’ve noticed a proliferation of televisions shows about television shows, movies about Hollywood/actors/movies.

  3. I just want to ask you to talk more about the 80/20 divide vs. the superstar market – is the difference mainly in what the 20 or the superstars get/expect?

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