Jazz Hands Forever!

Although we were not dominant in competition Team Jazz Hands was dominant in spirit (sprit fingers!) at the DC National Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. Jazz Hands member (and beloved housemate), Kelly, is featured prominently, if not exactly by name, in the Washington Post's excellent coverage of the DC National RPS Championships (but why is this not in the Sports section?). Follow the link. Look at the picture. The boa! Jazz Hands represent! And check this:

Right now the men of DC Gambit are too busy for a formal interview because they are screaming insults at a possible opponent: a tiny woman in a black tank top and tight jeans, brandishing a cigarette and Yuengling beer, wearing a pink feather boa. She is yelling at them about what wimps they are, how they can't possibly out-RPS her and her friends.

Sure, it's cute, but you don't have to live with the tiny, insult-screaming woman.
It must be mentioned that Jazz Hands member, Ryan “T2” Nunn made the finals, and made us all damn proud.
And behold this awesomeness:

JAZZ HANDS! Next year, man. Next year.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. Democrats are liars.
    They want socialism and they will lie to get it.
    What I don’t understand is why they don’t just move? They can move to socialist France or Canada and have their socialism and eat it too. Instead, they stay here and try to shove it down my throat by force.
    Well guess what? There is nowhere for freedom-loving people to go. We will make our stand here. I suggest you leave and leave soon.

  2. Will,
    Coming back to this topic, the democratic proposals for a public option all seem to quite explicitly state that the public option must be totally self-sufficient (that is, cover its expenses via the premiums that it charges). Do you still think that it is a trojan horse to put private insurers out of business and institute single payer care? If so, how would that be likely to happen, assuming that the democrats aren’t flatly lying that the public option won’t be subsidized.

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