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  1. Henigan’s probably right to an extent. But I think gun freedom activists are quite cognizant of de facto bans due to onerous or impossible to satisfy regulations. A right that cannot be practically exercised is no right at all. Now that the Supreme Court has recognized gun rights as an individual right, these de facto bans can be attacked more easily.

  2. The question is whether Heller neutralizes the political potency of the issue. I don’t see a dramatic change, but if the regulators don’t overstep, I see it fading.

  3. It is important to look at ecological problems and GDP (and similar measures) can be quite crude, however the happy planet index doesn’t do the job. Asking people how satisfied they are is too subjective for a start.
    I particularly unhappy at the high score for Colombia, where death squads continue to kick peasants from their land, so that biofuels can be grown to power vehicles in the EU and US.

  4. It’s much worse than you make out Will. Much worse. For example, the over-riding factor in the ecological footprint thing is CO2 emmissions: I think we’re all fairly clear that there is indeed something of a problem here? Of all the other resources there ain’t.
    Still, I would say that this report is an improvement on the last one. Last time the top was Vanuatu: thus the solution to a happy ecologically pure life was wearning penis sheaths and worshipping the Duke of Edinburgh as a Living God (that latter possibly having merit).
    This time around they’ve noted that living in a tropical, Iberian influenced country does the business. That is, that it helps to have a siesta.
    Hey, I’ll go with that as a the secret to the good life……

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