Don't Just Vote, Do Something!

Random Hippies2.jpgThe convention provides a welcome occasion to reflect on the ways in which politics distorts our identity, sours our relations to others, and makes our lives generally lousier. Brian Doherty's lovely essay sounds a lot of themes I've been harping on. I especially like the point of the opportunity costs of political activism. Since electoral political activity has almost zero impact, why not spend that time just trying to live the way you think everyone ought to? The point of thinking you know how you ought to live is that you live that way, not that you waste your life trying to get other people to live that way, since wasting your time telling other people how to live probably isn't part of what it is you think you know about how to live.

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  1. Hi! I am from a working-class background (made my living doing manual labor). Do you discuss in your paper the issue of changes in real disposable income per hour worked for various classes? I.e., income after taxes (and transfer payments to for food and housing), health care expenses, and expenses directly associated with holding a job: transportation to and from work, childcare, etc.? If so then I will definitely read your paper.

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