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Nick Gillespie drops mad Star Trek scientifics in his argument for the essential similarity of Bush and Kerry. On other “The Election Matters Not So Much” fronts, Anton Sherwood in the comments delivers this link to a lovely first-person account of bureaucratic autonomy.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. Who would I speak too about may theories abot so many things, for example does the Universe have North, South, West and East and if so where do we stand. I know In Dragonball Z they say we are in The North Quatrant but its fantasy and not real so let me show what I am talking about.
    1 up
    1left 1 right
    1 south
    So you get North, East, West and South Quatrant. I Know my therioes are Far Out but what is really been bothering is there anything below earth? And If so why ? Would That Mean that the Universie has some sort of Compass? I have 1000’s of theroies maybe somebody could derict me to the right place.
    Thank You,
    Hiram Gutierrez
    Cell 915-503-0113

  2. I was reading Some of the comments and I was thinking about how unimportant are our problems to rest of the universe, I mean a comet hits Jupiter that is more inportant on the Galatic Scale Than our worthless problems. What you guys think?

    1. I think importance is ultimately a subjective characteristics that is only meaningful relative to some goal or value system. That means our problems are important to us. They may not be important to some unknown intelligent species out there somewhere (if there are any), but their problems aren’t especially important to us so that makes us even.

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