Libertarians for Crippled Prisoners!

From Bill Bradford’s entertaining account of the weird weird world that is the Libertarian Party Convention:

The nomination process was over. LP delegates had chosen as their standard-bearer a man who had willfully refused to file his federal tax return for years, refused to get a driver’s license but continued to drive his car despite having been ticketed so many times that he couldn’t recall the exact number, proposed to blow up the United Nations building, wanted to force criminals in prisons to stay in bed until their muscles atrophied, and planned to force Congress to take a “special version” of his class on the Constitution. And the overwhelming majority of delegates didn’t know any of this about their nominee.

This is, I believe, all the reason I could possibly need to enthusiastically support Badnarik in November. Go LP!

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center