Widening Inequality . . . It's Good for Everybody!

— Don Boudreaux, of the fun, new Cafe Hayek, excerpts and comments upon a passage of Dave Schmidtz's from Social Welfare and Individual Responsibility (a point/counterpoint affair with Robert Goodin) about income inequality. Dave asks an absolutely crucial question about the sources of income gaps that, astonishingly enough, very smart people often never ask.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. Sig’s point is important — there are enzyme and receptor polymorphisms out there that predispose their bearers toward abuse of certain kinds of psychoactives. But the solution to that kind of problem is still better information, not enforced ignorance.

  2. Jonathan Caulkins’ piece was awful – just embarrassing. I could argue the pro-prohibition side better than that.
    Let’s hope Mark Kleiman at least puts up a fight – it’s too depressing to think that no one on the other side can offer anything even approaching a serious argument, and yet despite their lack of a case, major drug policy reform remains extremely unlikely for the foreseeable future.

  3. Mark Kleiman apparently agrees with the lead essay, and is trying to figure out something to disagree with.
    Of course, even though (or maybe because) Kleiman could well be the most knowledgeable person willing to call himself an opponent of drug legalization, he’s still way, way more sane than the public discourse about drugs.

  4. Responsible drug use??? Is there such a thing? Before making any kind of comments I suggest you to try heroin first and then talk about RESPONSIBLE DRUG USE… I can’t believe I am reading that… I never thought about heroin this, I bet that people in drug treatment centers where “responsible” too.

  5. Yes some people can and do. It’s the physical addiction that really gets people. Then again I guess it depends on who you are. I mean the high isn’t terribly amazing in my opinion, but an ignorant person who uses daily for a week or two will find it progressively painful to discontinue using as the body grows accustomed to having the presence of the chemical just to function normally. Just be smart.

  6. The psychological addiction for heroin means zero compared to the physical addiction. Heroin is a very dangerous drug and no, you can’t use it wisely if you are an addict.
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