Reading is Fundamental; Buying is Holy

— Please note some updated books advertised at your bottom right. Though I've just cracked it, the new Gibbard seems outstanding. I'm very much on his wavelength. The Adams bio of Gouverneur Morris so far is also excellent. (G. Mo is a stud!) More comprehensive, but therefore less breezy, than the Brookhiser. I'm excited by the Skyrms book on the Stag Hunt, but it has yet to arrive. And I'm learning a lot from Samuel Bowles's Microeconomics.
I bring this to your attention because, apparently, I have earned seven whole dollars through the Amazon Associates program. However, they don't send the money to my bank until I hit $10. So I'm hoping a couple folks who happen to want some of the books down there will click through and put me over the top. So I'm happily offering this editorial service (I have excellent, I won't myself say “cutting egde,” taste) to relieve your anxiety of choice.
I'd like to buy a couple pints.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center