Boobs n' Beards

— What are you looking at? Janet's feigned expression of horror? Her bizarre nipple accoutrements? Not me! The most interesting thing about this picture is . . . J. Tim's “beard”! Timberlake is but one data point in my embodied argument that the beard is now the height of fashion. Start yours now or be like the guy who finally decided the goatee is “cool” some time in 2002 and ended up looking like some jackass relief pitcher for the Astros.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. Will, the basic problem is the exodus of moderates, youth, college-grads, etc from the GOP has moved the party farther right, and the only way to communicate with the remaining base anymore is demagoguery and scaremongering.
    That worked when the leadership actually had the best interests of their constituency at heart. But now the GOP is just fighting for survival.
    Kristol is right….ANY healthcare reform will be enough better than what we have currently that it further marginalize his shrinking party.

  2. Excellent points on the whole but you have the typical libertarian underlying assumptions present:
    “But not the parts that break into peoples’ houses and destroy their lives for selling contraband herbs, or that subject us constantly to mendacious propaganda about drugs. Our government — and by extension our fellow citizens — is capable of terrible things and proves it every single day. Is it really possible to love government so much, to invest so much hope in its benevolent efficacy, that we grow blind to its evident capacity for evil? ”
    …which doesn’t make sense without a background assumption that the alternative – the status quo, or the free market – is not evil. Libertarians have a little mental disneyland in which business is over here, and government is over there. Or even if they admit that the two are intermixed, and that the coercive force of the government is put to use by business interests for any manner of evil, including and especially our current insurance system, they would like us to accept an ideal Adam Smith/Econ 101 mental model in which they’re in separate corners. It’s a nice clean fantasy world where one is Good and the other is Evil.
    But it’s not a useful starting point – democratically elected politicians and massive corporations act in concert, they coordinate and nobody has a good answer for untangling them.

  3. R Pointer – Currently a graduate student at the University of Toronto. My interests are varied. I love reading and playing chess. Both are addictions. And I am trying to find a way to make a living from both.
    Richard Pointer says:

    I don’t know what cultural disenfranchised means and it seems to be meaningless. If you mean delegitimized, then that might be true. They probably have as much to do with that as the Left. Social norms and culture are not democratically chosen so ‘disenfranchised’ draws the wrong kind of analogy.
    Federalist 51 explains the point of the system. Nothing was supposed to be easy. In fact, parties were seen as antithetical to the functioning of the system.
    And yes, I know it is a REPUBLIC. Nice way to be a troll.

  4. For the record. Being wrong and lying are not the same thing.
    So if Will Wilkinson thinks his opponent’s a liar, and says his opponent’s a liar, Will Wilkinson’s not lying. Just wrong.

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