Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

3 thoughts

  1. Of course I agree with you but I’m not sure I see how “Denmark is the happiest country” is a relevant rejoinder to “Danish teens drink too much”. Presumably the neo-prohibitionist need only reply, “Indeed, and if their 16-year-olds weren’t getting drunk so much they would be even happier.”
    Isn’t the relevant question something like:
    How does the alcohol poisoning death rate among Danish teenagers compare to the rate in the US?

  2. I agree with you as well, but I also have one quibble/question:
    When you write that Denmark had 95 driving fatalities/million people while the US had 150, isn’t that kind of an inapt comparison, just because of how much more (and how many more, in percentage terms) Americans drive than the Danes? Wouldn’t it make more sense to compare fatalities per million vehicle miles or some other such comparison?
    I would think that comparison could potentially make your case even stronger.

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