Ban the Ban

— The DC City Council is set to consider a bill that would ban smoking in DC bars and restaurants (and other DC “work places”). A group of Washingtonians has gathered together to fight this kind of fascism-creep here in our fair city. Visit us at If you live in DC, you can learn how to join us. Or if you would like to support our effort from afar, you can contribute to our tipjar, or buy some of our fly ban the ban merchandise. Help stop the wave of unfreedom! Your city could be next!

It’s pretty amazing how confused people can be about the issue of smoking bans. The issue isn’t about smoking. The issue is about freedom and choice. It’s about the freedom of property owners to determine how to dispose of their property. We don’t hold votes to determine what people can do in their houses. We shouldn’t hold votes to determine what people do in their businesses. If patrons of restaurants and bars want non-smoking establishments, they should communicate that to the owners. Close to 300 bars and restaurants in DC are smoke-free. Consumers demand, the market provides. Don’t allow some people’s preferences (and junk science) determine how others must run their businesses, and how everyone must behave on a Saturday night. JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY! Visit

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center