Lott's Revival of Anti-Republican Hysteria

Lott’s Revival of Anti-Republican Hysteria — My mostly a priori analysis of the midterm elections is that the Democrats had a hard time mobilizing their minority base, and the reason why is that Bush has made inflammatory scare-the-shit-and-thus-votes-out-of-black-people tactics less effective. How? Colin Powell and Condi Rice. That’s how. When blacks see that Bush has put Colin and Condi in charge of more or less defending the free world, and is happy to defer to their judgment, it’s hard to sell the argument that a vote for Republicans is a vote for throwing black children to wild dogs. Preferring one major party to the other is hardly sufficient to motivate most people to vote. They need to believe that if the other guys win, it will be a DISASTER. Enter Trent Lott waxing nostalgic about systematic racial oppression. Well, that’s all it takes. That’s more than it takes. “The Republican Senate Majority Leader wants you to sit in the back of the bus, drink from different fountains, go to different schools. Do you want to be a second class citizen? Vote Democrat.” Lott and his moral retardation is manna from heaven for the Democrats. If the Republicans don’t can him and his ridiculous coiffure, I hope the Democrats make the most of it.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center