Poetry Wednesday — Was going

Poetry Wednesday — Was going through old files and found another good bad poem. Aristotelian metaphysicians will like this one. Enjoy!

Love and Accident

Can I love you if you’re more radiant than stars,
If you’re Sardanapalus rich, or Einstein-minded?
A person is not a property,
Though a single lack may be enough
For unlove.

You are not bald for want of a single hair,
Nor do you disappear having lost faith in Democrats.
Yet neither does a gemlike you-ness abide
Nestled just left of your human rights.

We are packages of accidents, hung upon nothing.
Some swarm in league and cause shambles prised away.
Some molt like skin, lost at no great price.
Which are which, though, is an utter mystery;
Our best efforts merely glancing the lovable core.

In the end there is what you want to be loved for,
And that in you which I love.
O’ Lord I pray, may these sets coextend!
And in the case of disjunction,
May we be ignorant of our reasons
And lucky in corruption.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center