Vernon Wins!!!! — Vernon Smith,

Vernon Wins!!!! — Vernon Smith, one of the very, very good guys, was just awarded the Nobel Prize “for having established laboratory experiments as a tool in empirical economic analysis, especially in the study of alternative market mechanisms”! Vernon is a Professor of Economics at GMU and a colleague of mine here at the Mercatus Center. We're all extremely excited, since Vernon, who pioneered the field of experimental economics, deserves the recognition so richly.
I'm still wiping away tears from hugging Vernon's lovely wife Candace, who is naturally immensely excited. In a flurry of enthusiasm she exclaimed, “I've got to find him! I've got to find him a kiss him, and tell him I don't love him any more! I mean, that I don't love him any more than I did before he won!!!”
Congratulations Vernon!!!

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center