AFF You! — I'll be

AFF You! — I'll be going to the America's Future Foundation monthly happy hour at the 18th St Lounge this evening. I have a soft spot for AFF's monthly event; I met my sweetheart there. Here I am (on the left) at the last one, underdressed and unshaven, as usual. (And try here (center-right) for Julian in his mafia/pimp outfit, along with Kelly, Juan Carlos, and some tall dude.)

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. As long as you never use that last picture you had on your site. It gave out “creepy Sunday School teacher” vibes.
    The new format is nice though.

  2. 90% of the time I’ll skim in Google as well, but I pop the site open for posts that merit deeper thought.
    I dig the Times look, but a bit of color might be good, as long as it’s not garish (which the old look was).
    My favorite would be’s touch of blue, which you sort of have here already. I’d try making your name and post titles a darkish blue, and perhaps blockquote backgrounds a very light blue, and leave it at that.
    Mostly I’m just happy there are no dark backgrounds anymore — hate those things.

  3. The redesign is nice. I’d see how long you can go without adding color – maybe it’ll grow on you. I like the use of fonts for differentiation and styling.. maybe they’re enough? Be bold with your fonts.
    However, I would work on your vertical rhythm – – the two columns on the right need some tlc.
    These are nice b&w sites:
    my 2 cents

  4. I like the redesign, but needs some sort of Header or other picture to make it splashy. I didn’t like that indistinguishable brown thing from the last design, however.

  5. To be totally anal, I’d prefer that “Comments: $count” were vertically centered in the surrounding curly braces.

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