My Favorite Israeli — Great

My Favorite Israeli — Great little interview with Gene Simmons at the NYT. He has a number of sound insights about the relation of art and commerce. Responding to the point that KISS never won great ciritical acclaim, Gene says:
But that's the great notion of America that appeals to me — of the people, for the people, by the people. People vote for Kiss with money! Try to argue with that. When we come off tour $158 million later and someone tells me it stinks, I'm going, ''Well, why did I make all this money?''
Indeed. And then a questionable aesthetic judgment followed by an historically accurate observation:
Art is highly overrated. Michelangelo, Mozart, Rembrandt — they were all on commission.
Gene, what's KISS's “larger legacy”?
You know, in America, if people like what we do, that's enough. I don't think it has to mean anything. I don't know what a hamburger means, but it makes life worth living. I'm about to embark on a Broadway show. And there's going to be a Kiss superhero show. The vistas are endless.
Beautiful. KISS: Reason # 303,223,4905 why America is so great.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center

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  1. I’m not sure if you aware of this, but DeLong criticizes Cato’s own Chris Edwards here (
    “As long as it employs utter fools like Chris Edwards, the smart people who work there will have a hard time being taken seriously.
    Just saying…
    Think about it. Think hard about it.”
    And that’s literally all he has to say on the matter. No analysis, just an ad-hominem attack.
    So the short answer is, no, we can’t take DeLong seriously.
    -Cato Tax & Budget intern

  2. lesterhunt – I teach philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but I live in the village of Oregon, about a block from the open countryside.
    Lester Hunt says:

    Delong has just passed my deranged Keynesian test.

  3. All right. Anything that is not positively harmful on its own terms.
    The point is that with so many unemployed the resource cost of the government doing things is very close to zero–it is using hands that would otherwise be idle and would not be happy being idle…

  4. Just shows you what happens when you take your aggregates too seriously. Does it not occur to him that spending does not automatically use idle resources?

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