Good! Ashcroft is getting heat.

Good! Ashcroft is getting heat. Sen. Leahy is pissed. He says, Ashcroft, “Owes the country an explanation” for his “ad hoc, outside the justice system tactics. I'd say. Undoubtedly, some my-country-right-or-wrong war groupies will be dismayed that Leahy is criticizing the administration, but at this point Leahy has a fair bit of war on terrorism street cred, having been the recipient of an anthrax-packed letter potent enough to kill thousands.
In any case, he's absolutely right that we have to be an example of the rule of law right now, as always. It doesn't look good if we trample on our own ideals whenever it's convenient.

Author: Will Wilkinson

Vice President for Research at the Niskanen Center